Twin Atlantic – Kavka, Antwerp


I have been listening to Twin Atlantic from about 2011, when I discovered “Make a beast of myself” while listening BBC Radio 1. I was very surprised to hear a band singing with an accent other than a regular American one (or Alex Turner in his Sheffield one), so the Scottish accent intrigued me that I wanted to hear more of their work. Since that song was on the second studio album I didn’t have to look far. Since then they have released two more albums and each one of them filled with very catchy tunes.

For this concert, I took a friend along who actually knew Twin Atlantic from the days of Vivarium. By the way, he is one of the two friends I know that know the band.

We arrived on time at Kavka and personally I was surprised how small the concert hall was, I had expected something bigger and saying this I used to go to concert places that are smaller or the same size. It might have been that I had expected a bigger venue where they would be playing, though. I know that they are very popular in the UK, but that’s knowledge I acquired by listening to BBC and I haven’t really listened to  local radio stations to even find out.

Support Act was Monarks, and I’m going to be honest, I had never heard of them before.  It seemed that they were a starting band and the sound was right from the start on. If I can critique anything it would be that the vocals could have been a bit more raw or just sung lower. That would just make it sound better in my ears. But really good music drifted in my ears so “Way to go, Guys!”.

Then to the main act. Honest me here again, I have been listening to the new record “GLA” for a couple of weeks now but I only know the catchiest of the tracks on there. So there are still surprises when they play them live.

The setlist was a good match of the old, familiar singles and the new songs of the album that they were promoting.

I love it when a band can be felt in the room, this for me is one of the reasons I go to concerts. Every song was brought perfectly in my ears, this just means that I didn’t hear any goofs.

At one moment, Sam McTrusty (the singer) said something along the lines of “Wait, what’s the next song we’re paying”, getting confused with the guitar he was given and the song that was written down on the setlist. It just gives a feel of this is completely live, small issues might occur.

Overall feeling, this concert really makes me want to do even more concerts now. I know it’s a new year’s resolution for 2016 and I have been doing my best in seeing the bands I want to see. But this really wants me to see Twin Atlantic again, cause they really rocked hard and with the smallness of the crowd it had a very intimate feeling to be in the room during the concert. Thanks, you guys!

Side note, I don’t know if it was meant to be such a small crowd and if this was intended from the start.If it wasn’t I am wondering what went wrong marketing wise cause for a band of this of this caliber I would expect people to be psyched to see them and the venue to be bursting at its seams with music lovers.


  1. Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator
  2. You are the devil
  3. The Chaser
  4. Edit me
  5. Free
  6. Make a beast of myself
  7. Yes, I was drunk
  8. Missing link
  9. Fall into the party
  10. Mothertongue
  11. Crash land
  12. Ex El
  13. Hold on
  14. Heart and Shoulder
  15. Brothers & Sisters
  16. No Sleep
Picture courtesy of the Twin Atlantic Facebook page

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