Doctor Strange


When in 2014, it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch (from now on called Ben in this post) , was chosen to play Doctor Stephen Strange in Marvel’s Doctor Stange, I was not doubting he would do a great job to play this character, thought that it was a fantastic career move since all the actors in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) are widely popular and will always get some recognition for these roles. On the other hand, affiliating with one of the biggest studios at the moment does mean that there is even less free time to make Sherlock , which is sad since I love the sociopath of a sleuth.

Long awaited, well two years and now after seeing the film I wonder why Marvel waited so long to introduce this character to the MCU. The story is highly entertaining and also a “how to better your life” story.

Stephen Stange is in the beginning of the film a cocky neurosurgeon who picks his cases, only those that he knows he can succeed in. But all this self-assuredness causes that one moment, one swerve of a car, changes his life forever.  A car accident causes his hands to be damaged and even though he asks the best of his peers to fix them, the shaking stays.

When a physio tells him the story about a paralyzed man that learned to walk again, Stephen goes to investigate and is thus guided to Katmandu, more specific Kamar-Taj where he meets the Ancient One. About this character the internet has been buzzing since the pictures were released. As Tilda Swinton, our favorite androgynous actress is playing the ancient one, a lot of people say why not a Chinese ancient one? Well if only they waited and watched the film since they explain the ancient one is of Scottish decent.

At Kamar-Taj, Stephen starts studying mystical arts and because he thinks his hands are the most important part of mastering them and he doesn’t have faith in himself he fails in even opening a simple portal that other students master without issues.

You see time pass while he is at Kamar-Taj and Stephen getting more skilled, even changing his appearance from the scraggy Doctor Stephen Stange to the iconic Doctor Stange look. I do love those grey sides to his hair (very Reed Richards).

The big attack on the Sanctuaries around the world (by Kaecilius) happens when Strange is really getting into his powers (coincidence?).  It would have been nice to see him struggle a little more in the battle.

During the battle, ends up in the New York Sanctum Sanctorum and amongst the relics that are stored there is his iconic cape. This cape is the object of a lot of hilarious scenes since it fights off attackers as well as a person would.

Flash forward to the ending, of course, they win the fight, even if that does mean losing the ancient one.

I am always surprised that with the knowledge people have about Marvel films they still leave after the mid-credit teaser. People really do need to stay till the very ending. There is a mid and end-credit extra in this one.

Mid credit: Thor talking to Doctor Strange about finding his father – a prelude to Thor:Ragnarok.

End credit: Mordo snapping about magic being used wrongly.

Rating this as highly amusing. Loving Ben’s version of Stephen Strange. Is this my favorite film in the MCU? It’s not as funny as Deadpool or as big a fight as Civil War. The MCU is getting too big to really identify a favorite anymore. But this one should be a step into the magic world more than Wanda Maximoff could do. Saying this I would want to see Wanda and Stephen working together in the future!


2 thoughts on “Doctor Strange

  1. writerhowell says:

    Damn. The last bit makes me want to write Stephen/Wanda fan fiction. I wonder if there’s any already out there?
    I enjoyed the film very much. Hurrah for getting it early in Australia! My mother enjoyed it as well, and I’m SO glad I corrupted her into the MCU. ‘Deadpool’ was highly entertaining, of course (and he’s not MCU, more’s the pity, because he’d lighten things considerably). I’m also constantly bemused when people walk out of the cinema instead of staying for the post-credits scenes. I preferred the one with Thor, simply because it was less angsty, and now I want to know where Odin has gone. We know Mordo’s motive, and can guess at how he’s going to try to wipe out the rest of the sorcerers. But why the hell has Odin disappeared? Where is he? (Australia?)

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    • rosalind1983 says:

      True, deadpool is not MCU but keeping those Marvel films of the different studios separate in my mind is getting hard. If you do write Stephen/Wanda fanfic, let me know I really want to see that 😉


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