Random LEGO Builds 2


Still not having the room to place the finished result of the Tower Bridge or the newly bought Big Ben, I keep on building smaller things that I can place on my bookshelves in between all the books.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


After having devoured the Harry Potter books and the religiously having watched the films, every time there was a comic relief novella linked to the series was a new high for a Harry Potter fan. I did wonder how the book “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” could be turned in to a film since it is just the description of the beasts themselves and I really didn’t have a feel of who New Scamander should be or how he should be played.

Another before the film moment this year was the moment Ilvermorny, the American school was announced and you could get sorted into the houses on Pottermore. Of course, I did the test and am very happy in being in the Thunderbird house.

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My trip to London (November)

This trip to London was planned right after I bought tickets to see “No man’s land”. I had to find a friend to go along since I had booked two tickets so I put a vague description on my facebook wall and the first person who reacted to it (and actually had the money to go to the theatre – which was one and the same person) could come along with me.

After the initial plan to go to the theatre, the other things to do started to follow. Since Sanne is also a Harry Potter fan, it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to the Studios. Likewise it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to see Wicked, since last time she was in London she went to a musical too.

I had forgotten that we would be leaving on a public Holiday in Belgium, so about a week before departure, I panicked a little thinking I might not get to Brussels on time to catch my train. But the panic subsided when I saw that I didn’t have tickets for the first train out but the second, which did leave me some breathing room in the morning.

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About five years ago, I stumbled on a book by Gregory Maguire called Wicked. I had heard about it for ages and people had been telling me I should read it but no one ever could have told me how much I loved the story of Elphaba Tropp. I have always loved the Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland version and the Wizz), but this retelling of the story makes that one, a so shortly seen character, loveable. Yes, the green witch that we used to love seeing melted in the Wizard of Oz so loveable.

It took me ages to see the musical and the net is even buzzing with the possibility of a film. A few weeks ago I saw an article where someone had created a look to what the characters from wicked would look like in Disney style and now I kind of want an animated version with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth in the roles of Elphaba and Galinda respectively.

So after all this time, and having someone joining me in London who also has a love for musicals was the ideal time to see the musical.

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No man’s land


A few years back these two lovely gentlemen performed Waiting for Godot in London’s West End. Since I had planned a trip to London just before the play started and because it only had a short run, I have been regretting the fact that I hadn’t seen them together on stage.

When earlier this year the announcement came that they were doing another play together, I didn’t hesitate or even check which play they were doing, I bought two tickets to see the play and after doing that I asked if any of my friends would like to join me to make up a regret I had. I didn’t tell them what the regret was only that it was in London. That way none of my friends would jump at the names I was spouting but would genuinely be interested in doing anything I would suggest after that.

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Biffy Clyro – Rockhal, Luxembourg


Biffy Clyro.jpg

When the tour of Biffy Clyro was announced, I was a bit chuffed since the original date they would be performing in Belgium was on November 12th and I wouldn’t be able to go due to other plans. So I started looking around where they would be performing close to Belgium that I could get to without issues. This is why I chose Luxemburg. It’s about 2 hours and a half from home, just that little too far to drive back at night so a hotel had to be booked. The things we do for the bands we love.

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Twin Atlantic – Kavka, Antwerp


I have been listening to Twin Atlantic from about 2011, when I discovered “Make a beast of myself” while listening BBC Radio 1. I was very surprised to hear a band singing with an accent other than a regular American one (or Alex Turner in his Sheffield one), so the Scottish accent intrigued me that I wanted to hear more of their work. Since that song was on the second studio album I didn’t have to look far. Since then they have released two more albums and each one of them filled with very catchy tunes.

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Doctor Strange


When in 2014, it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch (from now on called Ben in this post) , was chosen to play Doctor Stephen Strange in Marvel’s Doctor Stange, I was not doubting he would do a great job to play this character, thought that it was a fantastic career move since all the actors in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) are widely popular and will always get some recognition for these roles. On the other hand, affiliating with one of the biggest studios at the moment does mean that there is even less free time to make Sherlock , which is sad since I love the sociopath of a sleuth.

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