Bridget Jones’s baby


I have been reading Helen Fielding books ever since I first picked up Bridget Jones’s diary and loved how Bridget is a bit clumsy but still so loveable. Reading that first book places me back in time for about a decade. In between then and now, I’ve read the sequel and even the 3rd book (on which this film is not based), I’ve seen the adaptations of the first and second diary book.  As this story has a base in “Pride and Prejudice” and even winked with having a Mr. Marc Fitzwilliam Darcy, it even interested me more from the start. In the adaptations, they even went a step further and cast the actor that played Mr. Darcy in the most loved Pride and Prejudice adaptation as Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones. Now when checking which books there are written by Helen Fielding, I see that there is a novel version of this film. I will have to read it one of these days.

So Bridget is back, and this time, we meet her at the age of 43.  Still no steady relationship but at least she is at her perfect weight. They didn’t ask Renée Zellweger this time to gain tons of weight, which on one side makes her skinny Bridget but on the other side not really the Bridget we know. Well that is until she shows her clumsy self.

Darcy is no longer in the picture and very early on there is a memorial for Daniel (filled with Eastern European beauties). So when Bridget goes to a festival with her colleague, she meets Jack (portrayed by Patrick Dempsey – Dr. McDreamy – yes I watch Grey’s Anatomy). The way they meet is very clumsy since she just fell face first in a mud patch, dressed in all whites (who wears white to a festival – or even heels).  After a drunken bender (in which she and her colleague think Ed Sheeran is just another guy in the VIP tent) she stumbles into Jack’s tent and things get steamy.

One week later, she and Mark Darcy are both at a christening and both the godparents of the kid, their spark lights again and things get hot in an upstairs hotel room.

This was all the setup for the story. What happens when you might be pregnant of two men at the same time. In the beginning she doesn’t tell them that the baby might be either one of theirs. This leads to a funny scene at the OB/GYN (played by Emma Thompson) since the doctor needs to pretend to do the echo for the first time when the second potential dad enters.

At the same time, Bridget is trying to get ahead in her career. She needs to make a presentation to show how the TV company she is working for can go ahead. When the presentation comes around it blows up in her face. She had the idea to make everything interactive and make people call in, thinking people won’t do rude things on TV. So they choose a group of men for the first item and they all turn around and show their bare bum. As she tries to click the image away, we get to see her search history and really not the best thing for your boss to see.

From the moment Jack and Mark meet, they start sharing the pre-natal responsibilities and even jokingly say that they are a same-sex couple in pre-natal class. After some ups and downs Bridget and Mark grow closer together again. Some kinds of love don’t really die.

I loved the film, it was really mindless fun like all the other ones have been before. I liked the ups and downs but mostly all the funny dialogue they put in there. It does help that Emma Thompson is in there, she really has comedic timing. It really is nice that they were able to use all the original actors to portray their characters again. Not just Renée and Colin but also Sally Phillips (Shazzer), James Callis (Tom) and Jim Broadbent (dad) – it was very nice to see how they are doing years later.


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