LEGO: Mystery Machine


When I was little, my brother used to have a VHS cassette with Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo episodes on it. It was one of his favorite things to watch and thus I have seen those episodes multiple times as well. A few years back there was a whole revival with the live-action films with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini. I really enjoyed those films since they threw me back to the time I watched those few episodes with my brother.

When I found out that LEGO was releasing dome Scooby Doo sets I really wanted to have the Mystery Machine. So I bought it and started building it.

2016-07-14 21.26.01.jpg

This is a medium small set with 3 bags and a few stickers to make it look like the mystery machine. It doesn’t take very long to make it but it’s quite a lot of fun. There is a mystery machine (Shaggy, Fred and Scooby included) and an evil tree.

2016-07-14 22.07.14.jpg


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