Star Trek Beyond


I saw Star Trek on TV when I was a kid, and watched the two previous film installments by J.J Abrams, so  watching Star Trek Beyond was a logical thing. I am neither a Trekkie or a Star Wars addict but enjoy watching both franchises as long as they stay entertaining to me.

For me it seemed to be a very heavy Chekov heavy story.  Maybe a good thing they did this since they have decided not to replace Anton Yelchin now that he has passed away.  There were some nods to his passing and for me one of the scenes (meant or not) is where Cpt.Kirk and Bones drink to Kirk’s birthday (and I think maybe also the passing of Kirk’s dad) with the Whiskey Bones found in Chekov’s locker.  But also the dedication at the end, which was expected but where the put Leonard Nimoy written out in full, it was just “For Anton.

There we some things that were bothering me during the film:

  1. When they land/ crash on the planet, how did they know they could breathe?
  2. Why would Yorktown be so stupid as to send all their troops to the nebula when it’s clearly said that the U.S.S Enterprise was the only ship that could navigate the nebula?
  3. Are the explosions because of the interference or because they are flying into one and other?

I have no answers to these questions so I leave everyone to ponder about them.

Is it me or is Simon Pegg’s Scottish accent getting stronger and stronger? For me, it seemed to be turned up a notch higher. But still concerning technology, although sometimes not feasible, Scotty saves the world.

Female characters:

  • Zoe Saldana still is a good Uhura, Although I had expected a bigger backlash when she finds out that the Vulcan necklace she is wearing could be used as a tracking device
  • I loved the character of Jaylah, but there were some concerns. She is strong enough (with tech) to defend herself and Scotty, but is that not a bit over the top? I love strong women in SciFi but you don’t have to write them in and over do it in powers just to have the feminazis on your side. Of course, a damsel in distress is not necessary either but a good balance between man and woman would be ideal

Let’s talk music. Although the music Jaylah finds on the U.S.S. Franklin is still nice jam music and some are classics right now they are labeled as vintage classical music in the film. I do love how the big action scene is to the sound of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, but I do wonder if they wrote the scene to the sound of the song or first the scene and had to look for music afterward.

Two more things

  • Applause for the prosthetic team, it took me ages to even grasp that Idris Elba was Krall, only to the end when he started to look more and more like himself it was clear to me.
  • I loved seeing Greg Grunberg again. I’ve seen him in so many things now but there are still people that don’t know of this actor and label him as what’s his face cause they can’t place him.

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