Pukkelpop 2016 – Saturday


On Saturday August 20th, the last day of Pukkelpop, I went to this festival because I really wanted to see one of my favorite bands of the moment, Biffy Clyro.

I originally planned to run between stages as I used to do a decade ago, but once I arrived on the festival grounds I decided to check out the complete grounds and then just lounge at the main stage until the time came to see the band I was there to see.


As I arrived at main stage the first band in the line-up was just starting.  This new British band had the honor to start the last day of the festival. Honestly, I had never heard of them before. I just watched from a distance and I enjoyed what they were bringing. No songs got stuck in my brain but then again at a festival when you see a lot of bands it’s hard for one song to really stick anyway (except if you already knew it before).


By the time Gnash started I was sitting in one of the shady parts of the main stage area, the temperature had been rising and now the sun was burning (I have a very pale skin and I tend to avoid sitting in direct sunlight (I swear I’m not a vampire)

It took me almost the whole set of this American singer, songwriter and DJ to realize that I had heard one of his songs before. Apparently I know one song and I have heard it before on the radio.  As there are only EPs and singles, it’s normal that there aren’t that many songs I would know.  Fun fact: Gnash was wearing a Ben & Jerry’s T-shirt.

Anderson. Paak

Up next was Anderson .Paak, when I heard that name I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had started moving to the front as I wanted to have a prime spot to see Biffy Clyro. This meant that I was standing quite close during this concert. To be honest I didn’t become a fan of his music during this hour. Still I had to laugh when he said that there were a lot of white people in the crowd (no shit Sherlock!).

Biffy Clyro

I’ve started listening to Biffy Clyro ages ago (few records ago) when I first heard one of their songs on the radio.  In all those years I haven’t had the opportunity to see them performing live. That doesn’t mean that I hadn’t seen live work before, I watched the broadcasted concerts from British festivals on BBC.

I truly enjoyed the whole show and sang along to every song. Was there a highlight for me during the set? Not really, because every song was spot on.  If I was a screaming teenager, I would say the highlight was when Simon Neil (the singer) undid his hair and it was blowing in the air or just when they all came on shirt-less. But I’m not that teenager anymore and although it’s a perk to see gorgeous men on stage, the music is the most important thing for me.

Bring Me The Horizon

After Biffy Clyro I left the crowd at the front. I had already heard of Bring Me The Horizon and suspected that it would be a bit to much when it came to mosh pits for me to feel “safe” there.  As the first song started, I saw that this presumption was right. I watched from a distance and could even sing along with some songs. I had only heard them a few times before on the radio but didn’t really notice the songs before. After the concert and getting home I’ve been checking out there songs more profound and I can now say that I really like their music.

LCD Soundsystem

This was for me the band that deserved to headline the main stage on the last day of the festival. They didn’t, Oscar and the Wolf did, but I didn’t stay until the headliner even started. I left the festival grounds after this band. Honestly I thought that I would know more songs by this band. They have been performing for over a decade, it really did surprise me that the only song I knew was “Daft Punk is playing in my house”. That being said, I did like the whole set.

Other things that were happening on the festival grounds that I did check out:

  • Petit Bazar: There was a Christmas village. Hello to all the candy canes, Christmas trees, Christmas hats in August. As I am a bit of a Christmas nut I had to check this out. Now I think they could have gone a step further. In this spot of December in August they had put an inflatable cathedral. When I checked it out there was gospel music…
  • Food Wood: As I have been to a few food courts and food truck places before and this was presented as such a place, I had to check out the food. I had expected more “special” things but for me it was just the main stream things maybe just a bit fancier and thus more expensive… Give me greasy fries on a festival any day!

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