Pukkelpop 2016 – Saturday


On Saturday August 20th, the last day of Pukkelpop, I went to this festival becauseĀ I really wanted to see one of my favorite bands of the moment, Biffy Clyro.

I originally planned to run between stages as I used to do a decade ago, but once I arrived on the festival grounds I decided to check out the complete grounds and then just lounge at the main stage until the time came to see the band I was there to see.

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Now You See Me 2

BeFunky Collage

A few years back, I went to see the first film in this series when there were promo days at the cinema. It was the best thing on at the cinema at that time. I still remember being in awe of all the tricks they did and the plot twist at the end.

When I saw there was a sequel coming out, I was happy to go see it and be transported to the magic/illusionist world again. (It doesn’t hurt that Marc Ruffalo, Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg are in it)

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