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I remember very well from the time when I was little that I loved reading Roald Dahl books. They held a kind of magic to them. They had some very deep themes like bullying. The first book I ever read front to cover was Matilda. So I have very fond memories of reading these books. When they announced that they were going to make a BFG film, I just knew I had to see it?

I really liked this adaptation. They really captured the feel of the book. Last week I saw a documentary on the life of Roald Dahl and it stated that at one time his wife had had a stroke. For me, you can find this back in this story. As with stroke patients, and with this friendly giant we can see word confusion. This leads to speaking words that are either completely made up or words that could be cousins of the real words. This is what our giant does.

The graphics in this film are really good. And even though I haven’t reread the book since when I was little, I just was transported back to the world that Roald Dahl described as it I never left it.

At a certain part of the film, you see Sophie discovering a dwelling of a previous kid that stayed with the giant. Here she finds drawing that the boy made. I could only think “OMG, those are Quentin Blake drawing, like they did in the books”.

One of my favorite scenes is when Sophie and the giant are having breakfast with the queen. The big table that they provided for the giant needed to be accessed by using ladders. The breakfast that was served was so big it would normally feed a human army. After having eaten Snozzcumber for so long, this was a real feast for the giant.

I would recommend this story to every adult that ever was moved by the stories of Roald Dahl, but also every parent that wants their kids to get to know the world that they’ve loved so many years ago.


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