Harry Potter Exhibition -Brussels


A few weeks back, the Harry Potter exhibition arrived in Brussels and all Harry Potter fans have been queuing to see all the artifacts that have been on tour.

We had tickets to enter the palace at the Heizel at twelve o’clock. In hindsight this seemed to be the perfect time to go. When we exited the souvenir shop at the end of the exhibition and the people that had tickets for two o’clock wanted to enter the queue was humongous.

From the start you feel like you are part of that world. The queue is not really part of the world but after that you have a sorting ceremony. I did find it a pity that they weren’t able to do all visitors, but then again I would have been mad if they didn’t sort me into Ravenclaw.

The following part is the Hogwarts Express. Taking pictures here was difficult since we were not allowed to use flash and that the train locomotive was in a dark room.

After this you get to the actual memorabilia of the films. there was a vast amount of costumes, gadget, little trinkets that were used by the actors but also furniture. The beds from Gryffindor tower together with the PJs the actors wore, the pots of potions for Snape, the crystal ball that professor Trelawney used and even the tea cup with the grim. The pink costume worn by Imelda Staunton, in a overly pink headmaster’s office complete with cat plates.

In a little interactive set, we were able to pick mandrakes from their pots. The obligatory covering of my ears picture had to be taken.  The first part/room was finished with the Boggart wardrobe and the frightening jack in the box like clown.

Next we entered the world quidditch. The most amazing costume that was on display here was Madame Hooch’s referee outfit and especially her twisted hat . What I noticed was that there are no quidditch players anywhere in the films or at least the exhibition that are from Ravenclaw.

After this we entered the darker parts. Starting with Buckbeak, a baby thestral, Aragog and weird looking centaurs (the way they were set up made them look like weird humans and not half horses). In this first part of the darker room, we could also visit Hagrid’s little house. Well I say little, I sat in his chair  and it was still very roomy around me.

After this we really get into the darker wizardry, with clothes of Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort. (Little joke: we couldn’t say “Lucius Malfoy” in a heartbeat so we dubbed him “Daddy Draco”). The need for chocolate did get a bit high when suddenly there was a Dementor hanging around.

We were now close to the end of the exhibition, only 2 rooms to go. In the first one, the costumes of Bill’s wedding were shown and the big entrance door to the great hall gave us from here entry to the last part. Here was one section dedicated to the Yule Ball on the other side we Triwizard cup was on display and a selection of weird wizard candy could be seen. The third side was filled with costumes of Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. Dobby was hiding behind Dumbledore and the last display was Fawkes. In the sky we had the floating candles and this really made me “homesick” to this world that was so deep in my fantasy during the books.

The very last hallway before we entered the show was lined with the banners of each of the Hogwarts houses. Everyone was taking the obligatory picture with their house banner. Surely, I couldn’t resist this chance, so I took my own house banner picture.


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