Me before You

BeFunky Collage

When at the beginning of 2016 I saw the trailer for Me before you and saw it was a book I had to buy the book immediately?. The trailer already moved me to a tear so I knew the book would do that too. I prepared myself to cry, loaded my bag with tons of tissues. Generally, when I cry with the book, there is no way I wouldn’t cry with the film. I even have the habit of starting to cry at the beginning because I know what’s going to happen.

It was everything I expected. The main characters, Louisa and Will were everything I thought they should be. It is one of the few books that really had a fantastic adaptation. Of course, I started crying way too soon in the story and the friends whom I was with were “really, already” but it was at a point which I remembered from the books that was predicting the end too much.

What can I say about the story, except it’s so sad. I do understand Will’s choice of euthanasia, but still not even the prospect of romance can keep him from the idea. I loved the silly scenes with Lou and all the different clothes she does wear. It was really how I imagined her eclectic wardrobe to be.

Honestly, when ready the book I wasn’t a fan of Treena (Lou’s sister), she does redeem herself later on in the book. But in the film, it seems that they shortened her story and made her likable from the start – of course, it might have been the charisma of Jenna Coleman.

Another character that I found irritating in the book was Lou’s boyfriend Patrick. He is as annoying in the film as in the book even though they seemed to have tried to make him more likable by casting Matthew Lewis in the role. I still don’t agree with that casting.

My friends and I have been calling this film, the multifandom film and that can be taken quite literally when it comes to all the actors that were cast for it. You have Emilia Clarke and Charles Dance from Game of Thrones, Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who, Matthew Lewis from Harry Potter, Brendan Coyle from Downton Abbey, Joanna Lumley from Ab fab and last but not least Sam Claflin from the Hunger Games.This is a dream cast for any author to get their first film to be adapted. And each and every performance was on point.

It is true that it is a drama and that tears do roll down your cheeks with ease one you are invested in the story. So I gave one advice, if you go to see this film (either in the theatre or in the leisure of your own home) make sure to have the biggest stash of tissues at the ready. You are going to need them


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