The Huntsman: Winter’s War

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When I first saw the trailer for this film, I was skeptic about there being a sequel/ prequel for Snow White and the Huntsman. That film was good on its own but isn’t it just trying to make more money in a franchise now. The more I saw the trailer and learned (as much as you can from a trailer) the premise of the story, the more I got interested in what they were going to tell.

Maybe I should’ve watched Snow white and the Huntsman again before I went to see this film. This film is a weird Pre/Sequel, part of it is before Snow White and part of it is after.

To start we find out that Ravenna , the evil queen from the original film, has a sister Freya and that magic runs in the family. To trigger the magic in Freya, Ravenna gets Freya’s new born baby killed by the father (who is promised to another woman). She does this by using her magic and compelling him to do this.

Freya’s magic awakens but her magic is ice cold. Her hair goes from blond to icy white and the temperature drops. Because she can’t stand being in the palace where he baby died she moves away, north. There she is feared by the citizens and collects the children in the town to build her army.

One of these kids is Eric the huntsman that we met in Snow White and the huntsman. One of the other kids is the girl who turns out to be Sara his wife. Because of the loss of love in Freya’s heart she forbids love in her army.  Eric and Sara do fall in love and because of this they are wedged apart by Freya. When Eric and Sarah try to leave together, Freya’s army is made to fight them, they can leave if they beat them, but once they are almost free to leave, Freya creates a big ice wall and each of the lovers sees something else through it. Eric sees Sara stabbed and die and Sara sees Eric flee.

After this normally should come the story of Snow white and the Huntsman.  But because this was the previous film we flash forward 7 years.

After the events of Snow White and the Huntsman the golden mirror, that was used by Ravenna, is moved from the castle of Snow White to the north. The huntsman is told this and follows the mirror.  He has two dwarfs that join him on his quest (funny that they are played by Nick Frost and Rob Brydon). At one point during their journey they encounter some other huntsmen and there is pub brawl. Eric and the dwarfs are saved by a mysterious woman who turns out to be Sara.  In there quest for the mirror they meet 2 female dwarfs that are thieving around and point them towards the goblins (who are like magpies and collect everything that shines).

After the fight with the goblins, they have the mirror in their possession but they wait over night before bringing it to sanctuary. This was a ploy that Sara initiated since she is still working for Freya. Freya gets her hands on the mirror and summons Ravenna from the mirror.

Ravenna is still evil and tries to take over Freya country. The huntsmen don’t take this and start fighting Ravenna. Freya discovers her sister is the reason her baby dies and starts protecting “her” children.  Ravenna mortally wounds Freya and to defeat her the mirror is smashed.

I think that although Freya lost her baby way back, all the huntsmen are her substitute children. She has set rules about love but that’s because she was disappointed in love before and doesn’t want her children to feel this themselves. Ok, she has a weird way of showing her love to them but what would you do if your heart was frozen over by loss?

An other reason that I had better rewatched Snow White and the Huntsman was to check the accent of Chris Hemsworth. I was doubting now if he did have the Scottish accent there. And as if everyone of the north has to speak with a Scottish accent. I would have opted for a Norwegian one since the huntsmen rather remind me of them than the Scottish (too many books featuring kilted men on my shelved make me say this)

It is a highly amusing film that has comedy highlights (that happens when you cast comedians) and some sad moments (that happens when you weave in a lost romance). I would only rewatch to entertain myself on a Sunday afternoon and then I would put it back to back with the first story.


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