Bastille Day

BeFunky Collage

I only learned about this film because ever since it was announced to play in Belgian theatres, a friend of mine asked if we could go see it. It took us some time to finally find a moment that we both had time to see it. A few weeks after the release it was only playing as the last film on Saturdays and some other days during the week. So we thought up the plan to see a double feature. First, finally go see Huntsman: Winter’s war and because we were already at the cinema at that moment just see it then.

I hadn’t seen the trailer, the only thing I saw before was the poster. So I had alredy learned that it would have Idris Elba and Richard Madden. What could go wrong?

Story wise, it’s about countering terroristic acts on Bastille Day( France’s national holiday).  But it’s the CIA that is researching and after some time it even seems that the whole police team is corrupt and they are starting up these attacks and protests to be able to rob the national reserve.

The Paris scenery was amazing, I’m still wondering how much they really filmed in the streets of the French capital. I have been there a few times but these were more backstreets which I don’t frequent as a tourist. I think a lot was filmed there since it was a French/American co-production.

The story and the action was very entertaining but I have some remarks. Why did they make the choice of making Idris Elba and Richard Madden speak with an American accent? OK, I know most of the time when intelligent services are portrayed and it’s about acting out of the bounds of their own country, the CIA is the first service that is thought of and used. But why not use MI6, let Idris and Richard talk with a British accent? It would have felt smoother, those American accents just didn’t feel right.

Overall not a bad film, they made some creative decisions I agreed with but would watch it again.


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