Doctor Faustus (London 24/05/2016)


When I was asked if I wanted to go along to London recently, I started watching around which plays were on. I had some choices ready for my travelling companion to choose from “People, Place and things” (which I would have watched just to see if it really is that good to move from the National Theatre to West End), Wicked (I’ve wanted to see this musical ever since I read the book by Gregory Maguire) and Doctor Faustus was the third choice I gave.

Once it was decided that we were going to see Doctor Faustus, I had to do some research about the play. I quickly discovered that it’s a play by Christopher “Kit” Marlowe and that he is a contemporary of William Shakespeare. So I prepared for Elizabethan English, not that that is so hard for me since I’ve seen so many Shakespeare performances in the last few years.

A few days before leaving for London, the play started to play and the first pictures started to come online of the show. It doesn’t hurt that there were pictures of Kit Harrington in underwear to be seen, I prepared for seeing underpants.

If I have enough time to arrive at the theatre and get a drink in, I will do that. As usual, I bought the program booklet and a cocktail (when I can I will have a Pimm’s cup).


We filed into the theatre and sat in our seat. And then while the lights were still on, actors started doing their thing on the stage. The play was already on its way but people were still talking. It’s the first time that I’ve seen a play start this way.

The play was not really suitable for young eyes. Very early in the play, there was a naked man and woman on stage. And for the rest of the play everyone but Faustus and Wagner were in underwear.

The play was kind of confusing and it took me some time after the play ended before I really understood about what it was about. I think and really that is my opinion and what I took away from it, that it’s about what someone will do to gain knowledge. I don’t think selling your soul to the devil is worth all the knowledge that you can gather in the world of necromancy and magic.

I did enjoy the play (even if it was confusing), it has funny and sad parts and it was acted very well.


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