X-Men: Apocalypse

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I’ve seen all X-men films that they have released up till now and so the latest installment of the series couldn’t stay unwatched for long.  I have been keeping an eye on timelines ever since they have started the whole X-men with the younger cast, since it should all tie-in with the stories with the older generation (I’m talking about Stewart and McKellen).

Now I have some worries about those timelines, but part of that has to do with the characters and how and when they arrive at the school of the gifted. Ok, Hank McCoy (Beast), professor X and Raven (Mystique) are older than the other gifted people at the school, but what worries me is that growing up on the cartoons I find it strange to see Jubilee being about the same age as Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

I loved the new live story for Erik (Magneto). I think it was a good plot move to make him have a family after settling down in Poland. But is he looking for trouble? Why work at an iron plant where he could be found out so easily?  And why settle down so close to where it all began for him? Poland is where his powers first manifested at the camp in Auschwitz when he was separated from his parents.  I do get his rage when his daughter is “accidentally” killed when the police are hunting for him. The girl never did anyone anything wrong, once more hurt and pain in his life.

I enjoyed all the Quicksilver scenes. When he saves everyone in the school for the gifted he does it without thinking twice. It’s a very funny thing to see how he manages to saves all the children in the school. Still wondering how he deduces where the blast is going to hit next, because we see that he just does it in a nick of time.  Then when together with Mystique trying to get through to Magneto in the big fight at the end he gets the chance to say that he  is Magneto’s son but doesn’t. I feel that telling could have had two outcomes: or Magneto went in a bigger rage bender or he would have seen that he still had a family beside the one that was just killed.

Apocalypse, the villain here, has a complex background. He thwarts all that is known about mutants. It was known till that moment that it only manifested in people from the 19th century but he seems to have been around (and trapped) since Egyptian rule. But it also seems that history repeats itself. As in Egyptian time, there are people that think that an overpowerful ruler is a danger to society, the mutants of today also face that issue(in the form of Stryker). Of course, I need to talk about the actor playing the role of Apocalypse.  Almost unrecognizable, Oscar Isaac sets down a very menacing character. KUDOS!!!

We finally know now how professor X lost his hair. When apocalypse tries (and fails) to transfer into the body of Charles Xavier, because of the insult on his body and mind he loses his hair. And having watched a lot of movies with James McAvoy, I can honestly say that I’m not a big fan of him without all the hair. But having said that, I can see why they cast him as the younger professor X, at the end I see that he could become the Patrick Stewart version of the character

They did their very best in keeping the clothing and hair right for the timeframe, as it actually happens in the eighties, there are a lot of big-shouldered jackets and big hair. which they kind of lose at the moment they go into battle mode. They get those sleek suits and all hair gets sleeked back.

I think one of the biggest spoilers though is when the older generation of mutants is captured, we come across a cage with Weapon X. Yes people, Wolverine is there. Just after all the experiments done on him, so all the adamantium has been added to his body. And yes, as we are used to Jean can calm him down even in his most enraged state. I squeed a little when he exited his cage.

When watching, I did see some winks to the original series or even the cartoons. I’m talking about very small things here like the suit professor X is in or the war room at the end of the film. There were other small things that will come to me when I rewatch it, since there were so many it was hard to remember all those small things in one go.

I did sit through the credits, why asking my friends why I was doing this since it was a Marvel film but not by the Marvel studios. My patience was rewarded when at the end of the credits there was an end credit teaser.



4 thoughts on “X-Men: Apocalypse

  1. deprezke says:

    I was a bit confused by the credit teaser though… There has not been any big news about new movies (as far as I and the bunch of people that went together with me know…), so it was a bit weird to have a teaser…


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