Captain America: Civil War


I have been preparing for this film for ages, reading the comics, choosing a side. Yes, I am team Captain America. A lot of people give me funny looks when I say this, but I find Tony Stark a bit of a cocky ass. Having said that, I think I need to explain it a little. I’m talking about comic book Tony not MCU Tony, Robert Downey Jr. makes Tony loveable.

The core story of the treaty that they have to sign has been sneaking in since the first superhero film. Can enhanced humans be permitted to choose over the lives of regular people? I think this is a good question, and think that if enhanced people existed, we regular people should think if we can let them just do what they think is best for us, and (maybe not willingly) in the process of protecting us that there are some casualties.

There is a second big storyline and that is the friendship between Captain America and Bucky and how he protects him.Steve chooses Bucky’s side because he believes there is still something good in him. After Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve has some hope that his old pal Bucky is still somewhere in there and not just the ruthless killer that H.Y.D.R.A. has made of him.

Then there is the third storyline, Helmut Zemo consumed with grief after losing his family in Sokovia, wanting revenge on the people responsible for their deaths, the Avengers.  He does this by doing deep research on the Winter Soldier. Since the Winter Soldier is Steve’s best friend from way back but also the killer of Tony’s parents way back in 1991, this is not a hard thing to do. As Zemo does his research he kills the keeper of the book with trigger words that activates the Winter Soldier.

Impressions throughout the film:

  • Typical action filled Marvel film.
  • The back story to T’Challa/ Black Panther is non-existent, but I expect to have it told completely in the planned film about Black Panther
  • To check if someone is dead, you don’t take a pulse with your thumb.
  • Is it just me or is Black Widow’s hair not as red as usual?
  • Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is as big a fanboy as he is in real life. I saw an interview where he was so happy he could hold the Captain America shield whenever Chris Evans wasn’t using it.
  • As asked in the film, where are Bruce Banner and Thor?
  • Vision has feelings although he is AI – how does that work?
  • Of course something has to be said about the new spider-man. Yes, he is young, finally, the age he needs to be, a real teenager. He’s a talker and sometimes you want to tape his mouth shut, but that just means he’s a good version of Peter Parker
  • On the other hand, Aunt May, is way too young. I grew up with the image of aunt may being almost grandmother age. Nothing against the performance of Marisa Tomei, but rather against the casting directors of MCU for choosing a woman most men would call a MILF, does she really have to be this young?
  • How fun was it to see Martin Freeman, no special suits for him, this would mean that both Sherlock and Watson are in the MCU, with Benedict joining later this year as Doctor Strange.

The film was very entertaining, would watch it again to find little jokes and easter eggs in a heartbeat.


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