Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

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If you ask me any day of the year, I would say I’m more Marvel than DC. But a friend of mine is a big DC fan and for his birthday, we went to see Batman vs Superman. Before going to the cinema I watched the trailer,saw tons of promo material, the new batman suit and of course, all the pictures of Ben Affleck getting buff for the role of Batman!

What to say about the film,  I never knew that Metropolis and Gotham were that close together, only a bay away. I always thought they were more Washington DC – New York distance from each other. But with them being so close to one another it makes sense that there is a branch of Wayne financial in Metropolis.

Bruce Wayne gets very vindictive towards Superman because he blames him for the destruction of the Wayne branch and the death of certain people that work for him.

On Superman’s side, by rescuing Lois Lane from rebels in the desert, he unwillingly gets blamed for the death of a whole village. This was done by mercenaries (which we later know are hired by Lex Luther). The people turn against Superman and an inquiry into how save Superman is to the world is started.

Talking about Lex Luther, Jesse acts his version of the character very well, but what they wrote is a very psychotic version of the villain. My version is still the Smallville version as performed by Michael Rosenbaum. In Batman vs Superman, he’s more scientist like than megalomaniac corporate leader.  One more thing that struck me like a strange choice is the fact that they choose they give him hair (quite long hair) and only later on in the film when he gets imprisoned, give him the classically known bald head. I have spent a why during the film wondering when he was going to lose his hair and if he was going to be involved in some kind of nuclear accident to make him lose it.LLex also fuels the hatred between the two superheroes. 

Wonder Woman, we need to talk about this character. Also not the best depiction which has nothing to do with how Gal Gadot acts or how it’s written, but more about the ways they filmed and edited it. Some shots seem to be more to give the men some eye-candy during the film, but by the end of the film that look in her eye when she finds that she has a worthy opponent is worth every time they depicted her as eye-candy.

Ok, to be honest, they did give us women some man candy too, this in the form of Ben Affleck working out. The only trick I think they missed was baring Henry Cavill’s chest in the tub scene. That would have made it perfect. If you want to know I don’t see the skintight Superman or Batman suit as “showing skin”, I’ve seen so many superhero films in the previous years that this is no longer attracting my eye.

Talking skintight suits though. That new batman suit really is nice.  I’m talking about the general one and not the metal one (which is also very cool). Knowing I grew up on Michael Keaton as Batman and having see the atrocity they did in the George Clooney Batman film, this really was more like the suit I wanted to see. The metal one made me wonder about hydraulics that would have been needed in it so that he could walk. It seemed very heavy.

Other characters that need to be discussed in short are Alfred, portrayed by Jeremy Irons and Perry White, portrayed by Laurence Fishburn. Alfred is more a mechanical genius than butler, although in each version of Alfred there is the part of helping Batman in the Bat Cave, he didn’t really seem like a butler. Now for the next part I have to be honest and say I still haven’t seen Man of Steel. To see Laurence Fishburn as Perry White is a bit weird in the beginning of the film, I am so used to seeing the boss of the Daily Planet as an older white guy. I actually like the idea they had to change it up a bit since Mr. Fishburn really is Perry now for me.

To conclude, if you are a DC fan and haven’t seen it yet, please run to the cinema as quickly as possible, you won’t be disappointed. If you like me are more Marvel than DC but are not willing to choose between the two verses, do the same thing as the DC fan, you will be very entertained.



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