Muse: Drones tour (Brussels)


I have been a fan of Muse for years now and have been to multiple concerts of them. This is the seventh concert of theirs that I go to. It all started for me in 2004 (concert-wise), when I went to see them at Rock Werchter. Before that I had listened to their music sporadically, and song-wise for me it started with the song Bliss (back in the day that MTV still played music).  For the previous album, they left their normal style of music but I’m very happy they returned to what I’m used to in “Drones”.

Before going to Paleis 12 in Brussels, I last minute decided to drop in at another venue going on at Brussels Expo, Made in Asia. Since I do go to cons from time to time and I hadn’t done this one yet it was perfect for a two flies, one stone situation.  Thinking it would be a lot more Asia tinted than any other con was a wrong assumption, it was slightly more Asian than the other ones but at the other ones I see a lot of the same stuff being sold. But it was fun, that’s the most important part.

When Made in Asia closed, I just moved over a couple of Expo palaces to Paleis 12 to wait in queue before the doors to open. I didn’t have to be in front to get a prime standing spot since I had bought tickets to sit on the tribune. Since a few years I do this because I know that they bring such a show that it’s better to see it from a small distance so you can take in all different things going on.

Once seated I waited patiently to see the preshow, this being the band “Nothing but thieves” and the name did ring a bell but I couldn’t but a song to the name before they started to play. One song into their set and all the radars in my brain clicked, they started with a song I knew! From the seven songs that they played I knew three songs, so now I’m wondering why the name hadn’t stuck before.

Then it was on to the main event, MUSE! All I can say after seeing them perform multiple times is that they still blow me away from the beginning till the last note they played.  They had white spherical drones that flew around, veils that came down to have images projected on them, even make it seem like Matt and Chris were playing with a puppeteer handling their every move. I’ve liked for ages now that they have put their “unofficial” fourth member, Morgan Nicholls, on stage, but still not considered a full member since you can see him but he was in a small pit.  But without him there are certain songs that would either no longer work or would make Matt pick up the guitar more. I still find it strange that there are songs now where he doesn’t have a guitar or piano in front of him. Other attributes used were the big balloons filled with confetti, they are a lot of fun, have been for about a decade. But when the audience doesn’t pop them there is always Dom and Chris helping out. So much fun to see Dom pop a balloon with a drumstick. At the end, there was also a black drone-like plane flying around. Still don’t exactly know why.

At the end of the show, I was completely in awe of what they did in front of my eyes. Still a bit sad that my favorite song is no longer performed live (being Citizen Erased). And finding it weird that a Muse concert doesn’t end with the trashing of Dom’s drum. On the way home I put on their latest album and I can say because of the concert I have some new songs to really make it to my day-to-day playlist.

One more thing, I still love those Manson guitars, technologically adjusted or not. They still have a great sound coming from them! After all those years I can’t really name them anymore, I used to be able to do that, but I know not all of them were on stage.


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