Allegiant (Divergent Series)

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In Januari, I finally got to reading the last volume in the Divergent Series. Not that I had been postponing it on purpose but with a reading list as long as mine, it’s easy to start an other book before actually getting to the to-do list of books that will be adapted. I know that they (the studio adapting the books) have gone off track with the adaptations from the second film on, so I expect that to be the same with the last one. When I saw the trailer I didn’t see that many matches with what I was reading – my imagination maybe didn’t reach as far as theirs. Another thing I hope they haven’t changed too much is the ending. It’s a kind of bittersweet ending – one I didn’t expect. A lot of guessing that only watching the film can resolve!

They apparently couldn’t resist, after changing the second book they also changed the main story in the last book. Firstly from the beginning of the film on Tris calls the city in which she lives “Chicago” while she shouldn’t be able to know that until she goes outside of the city. Secondly, the reasons for returning to their city are no longer working, they didn’t even take the same people with them on their journey to behind the wall. Next the redeeming story of Peter is completely missing, in the book he, at least, wants to lose his memory to no longer be evil as he is. And going in I thought I would cry, since book-wise Tris dies and in the film she doesn’t (yeah WHAT)!

Beside the big mismatches in stories, I did like the scenery that they used and the O’Hare airport setting. It was nothing like I imagined because there were no big open spaces and the big fountain was missing. Matthew was not as nerdy as I imagined, and the whole uprising story from within the compound was missing.

To conclude, it’s not bad if you haven’t read the books, but if you have, you will constantly be like “What, Huh?” and find the story they made of it a bit off.


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