NT Live: As you like it


As it was my birthday, I thought I deserved to see another play in the cinema. Year ago I read the text/ script of this play and was instantaneously in love with the story. This marks the first time that I have seen it on stage!

Since I already read the script I know that this is the story of Rosalind and Orlando and that Rosalind kind of cross-dresses as a man for part of the play to hide from her uncle.

The adaptation was a bit more modern, the kingdom was a stock exchange floor and looked a bit like the set of Richard III with Martin Freeman. The story unfolds just like it always has and it recalled all the memories I have of reading the play. There are a lot of nifty things that they have done – but one of my favorite is that the stock exchange set is lifted up to form a forest/tree and there are seats with people making the forest noises in the lifted furniture – whistling and making wind noises. It filled all expectations for me, a lot of laughter and miscommunications. I loved the part where Rosalind in drag (Ganymede) makes Orlando woo him/her to train to woo Rosalind (the woman). So many other lovely parts, the melancholy of Jacques, the herd of sheep played by all the actors that don’t have lines at a certain part of the play (all in cable knit white sweaters) – even a small romance between the sheep. Worth the time and money to see!


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