Muse: Drones tour (Brussels)


I have been a fan of Muse for years now and have been to multiple concerts of them. This is the seventh concert of theirs that I go to. It all started for me in 2004 (concert-wise), when I went to see them at Rock Werchter. Before that I had listened to their music sporadically, and song-wise for me it started with the song Bliss (back in the day that MTV still played music).  For the previous album, they left their normal style of music but I’m very happy they returned to what I’m used to in “Drones”.

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Allegiant (Divergent Series)

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In Januari, I finally got to reading the last volume in the Divergent Series. Not that I had been postponing it on purpose but with a reading list as long as mine, it’s easy to start an other book before actually getting to the to-do list of books that will be adapted. I know that they (the studio adapting the books) have gone off track with the adaptations from the second film on, so I expect that to be the same with the last one. When I saw the trailer I didn’t see that many matches with what I was reading – my imagination maybe didn’t reach as far as theirs. Another thing I hope they haven’t changed too much is the ending. It’s a kind of bittersweet ending – one I didn’t expect. A lot of guessing that only watching the film can resolve!

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 History @ the movies

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In Ghent, there is an exhibit at the moment (still running till the beginning of April). In this exhibit, they have some original clothing pieces from a few of my favorite period films and series.  I marvelled at the dresses from the white queen because of the detail in those was really fantastic. I also loved to see the clothes worn by Colin Firth and Alan Rickman, this gave me a feel about how tall they are. Then there were the dresses as worn by Nicole Kidman (in The Portrait of a Lady) and by Maggie Smith (in a Room with a View) and that just shows how tiny the actresses are not just in length but also the little waists they have.

At the end of the exhibit, there were a whole set of clothes from Downton Abbey, I’m so sad that this show has now come to its end. Beside those clothes, there were also some clothes on a rack and hats on stands that we, as visitors, could try on. Of course, we had some fun with that, because who doesn’t want to put on a bonnet.

So if you have the time to still visit Ghent before the show stops, don’t hesitate to do it! It truly is worth the few euros you have to pay to see this! 

NT Live: As you like it


As it was my birthday, I thought I deserved to see another play in the cinema. Year ago I read the text/ script of this play and was instantaneously in love with the story. This marks the first time that I have seen it on stage!

Since I already read the script I know that this is the story of Rosalind and Orlando and that Rosalind kind of cross-dresses as a man for part of the play to hide from her uncle.

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