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Before watching this film, my expectations are high, very high. We are talking another superhero movie with Ryan Reynolds. After the Green Lantern, he steps into the role of Deadpool. What did I know about Deadpool, well the list isn’t that long. I knew he’s from the Marvel Universe, he knows he’s being watched ( breaks the 4th wall by addressing the audience), he’s badass, a lot of people cosplay him and well that’s about it. The trailer gave some back story but still not all I would need to know the whole story. This is one of the Marvel characters that I haven’t read about in comics so it really is discovering the person from start on.

I went to see this film together with my (single) friends because we didn’t want to be left out of the Valentine’s celebrations – which in our case became Quirky Alone night and what better film to spend the night than this one? We had so much fun that some even already said if we’re still single next year that we should do this again.

Now on to the film. From the start on it was hilarious, the opening credits mentioning who would be in it was already jokingly mentioning the characteristics of certain characters. Personally for me there were only two lows (not laughing bit) and that’s when Wade Wilson finds out he has advanced cancer after finding the love of his life and when he leaves her to find a cure but knowing he would probably not be back.

Other times I laughed were with some witty answers or when the 4th wall was broken, yes I felt very involved and now honestly at the moment the only one that comes to mind is the whole professor X – McAvoy or Steward question or when he asked the 2 X-Men in the movie why it is they have such a big house and he only ever sees two of them?


I only think that in Belgium the committee that is responsible for putting an age limit on the films, made a little mistake and made it 12+, while I think it would be better with a 16+ limit. Nothing against kids wanting to see this film but in the first 15 minutes there is quite a lot of violence and a decapitation. Don’t even get me started on the use of certain swear like words.

I want to finish this post with an open letter to Marvel:

Dear Marvel Studio Executives,

Please consider scheduling a release of one of the upcoming movies for the next year close to Valentine’s day, even if it’s not romantic. Geeks single, dating, married or living together will flock to the cinema to see the film and can always say it is the perfect date!


This Belgian Geek



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