The Danish Girl

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We were very late to go see this film at the cinema. As a consequence, we had to rearrange our plans and see it at another cinema than initially planned. The trailer didn’t tell me much except it’s about a man who’s going to live like a woman – or something like that. Why wouldn’t that be appealing to see! A plus to see this film in the cinema is of course Eddie Redmayne – he really is on a roll – last year in the “Theory of Everything” and later this year in Fantastic Beasts – making this another film for which he might win some awards.

What I learned by seeing the films was that this is a true story, the story of Lili Elbe, based on the published autobiography.

The story unfolds at the end of the twenties when Einar (played by Eddie Redmayne) slowly starts evolving to Lili. What at first in the film seems to be a practical joke, is actually a feeling that has been hidden deep down for ages.

The scenes are made up so perfectly and the setting (Copenhagen, Paris) is stunning. The art society in Copenhagen in the twenties is interesting . And the story is really gripping and for those who haven’t seen it yet, please make sure that you have your tissues close because by the end of the film it’s very sad.

Beside Eddie Redmayne, the other cast include Amber Heard, Ben Whishaw and as a Belgian I have to give kudos to Matthias Schoenaerts for making such a career for himself – being in an Oscar-nominated film.

Before seeing this film, I was convinced that Leonardo Dicaprio should finally get the Oscar for “Male actor in lead role” but now I’m more rooting for Eddie to win his second Oscar (in row) for playing Einar/ Lili.



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