Steven Moffat stepping down as Doctor Who Showrunner

BeFunky Collage.jpgYesterday evening the announcement was made that Steven Moffat is stepping down as Doctor Who showrunner. A few weeks back there already was a message in the press that he was looking for a replacement. I already expressed at that time that I would be missing him as showrunner and writer of the show.

A lot of people have expressed at that time that they were happy for him to leave. I kept defending his work as much as I could at that time. And now at the time that it is officially announced the same storm of negative comments about his work keep coming.

I, on the other hand, am not that negative. Yes, I’m not blind and have seen plot holes and rehashings of old stories, but all in all writing is not all a showrunner does. He needs to screen all the stories delivered by the other writers and decide which ones would fit in the complete story that he wants to be told that season. If those stories need work he needs to edit them. So, according to me, people can’t stick bad seasons or plot holes completely on the showrunner/head writer, yes, he should have caught them but he’s just a man, everyone can miss things!

I am going to miss him, not just his hand in the show but him, the person, Steven Moffat, in general. Every panel that I’ve seen over the years only told me that he is a funny guy, maybe a little misunderstood and unliked by some fans but still a human being, who deserves respect. Sometimes I even felt bad for him when people always blamed him for things they didn’t like on the show. Last year, when I went to Doctor Who Festival in London, my respect for him grew even bigger when he was telling all of us in the big panel room about how he works and the jokes between him, the actors and the writers.

But we still will get one more season from his hand in 2017 – yes that means a year of waiting since there will only be a Christmas special this year. I hope for a season of the same quality as the last one has been because I loved every moment of it!

I hope he will still sometimes pick up the Doctor Who writing pen and write some epic stories like he did before his time as a showrunner (not saying that he didn’t write any great stuff during his time as showrunner – I just mean as a regular writer and not head writer). Besides that I can only think this will open up time to write for Sherlock and who knows something new from his hand (Coupling 2.0? or maybe another adaptation of classic characters – like he did with Jekyll and Hyde, and even Sherlock)

Time to turn the leaf and welcome a new showrunner. The name Chris Chibnall should not be strange to any Doctor Who fan. I immediately said “He already worked on the show” and all articles I’ve seen today confirm that he’s yet another fanboy of the show – come showrunner. The past work for Doctor Who and Torchwood he did, was good and funny – Brian Williams (Rory’s dad) and the dinosaurs – sometimes thrilling – I just mean episode 42 here and yes, he was also the man who brought us the cyberwoman in Torchwood (still don’t know how I feel about that). But the non- Doctor Who/Torchwood work he did like Broadchurch, Life on Mars and United (all with people who’ve been in Doctor Who – David Tennant and John Simm) have entertained me for hours.  I wish him great years on the show and let him entertain us!



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