10 years Arctic Monkeys

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It’s been 10 years since the album “Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not” from Arctic Monkeys was released. I have loved their music practically from the start – and am very lucky to have seen them a few times on stage at festivals. I’ve loved seeing them grow up and still remember that shy-ish singer at the front of the group (that would be Alex), and love how he has re-invented himself to the rockabilly look he has now.

With now 5 albums under their belt – and some side projects – I would like to share with you, my favorite lyrics from each album.

Whatever people say I am, That’s what I’m not

The first album, and it started with a bang – my favorite song of the album is “When the sun goes down” and the lyric in this song I like because of the reference is:

And I’ve seen him with girls of the night
And he told Roxanne to put on her red light
They’re all infected but he’ll be alright
‘Cause he’s a scumbag, don’t you know?
I said he’s a scumbag, don’t you know?

Favourite Worst Nightmare

Second album, not all songs/singles were songs that stayed in my head after hearing it for the first time – favorite song of the album is “Fluorescent Adolescent” and the matching lyric:

Flicking through a little book of sex tips
Remember when the boys were all electric?
Now when she tells she’s gonna get it
I’m guessing that she’d rather just forget it
Clinging to not getting sentimental
Said she wasn’t going but she went still
Likes her gentlemen not to be gentle
Was it a Mecca dobber or a betting pencil?


On the third album there weren’t that many singles, but all of them are still on my playlist and I sing them in the car – favorite song is “Cornerstone” but I chose another to show the lyrics from – “Crying Lightning” and matching lyric:

Said, “You’re mistaken if you’re thinking that I haven’t been called ‘cold’ before”
As you bit into your strawberry lace
And offered me your attention in the form of a gobstopper
It’s all you had left and it was going to waste

Suck it and See

Already on to the fourth album, and this one was not 100% my thing – still there were some good songs on it, just none that are still on my playlist (should look again to see if I can or will add some of them). Favorite song of the record is ” Don’t sit down ‘Cause I moved your chair ” – that title alone already  –  and although the song doesn’t have that many songlines, the lyric to go with it:

Break a mirror
Roll the dice
Run with scissors
Through a chip pan fire fight
Go into business with a grizzly bear
But just don’t sit down ’cause I’ve moved your chair


Fifth and at the moment last album the band has made. From the first single that they released it was bang on trend – each and every single they have released are fantastic songs, sometimes deep and although my favorite is “Arabella” – text wise I have another favorite “Do I wanna know? ”  and of course the matching lyric is:

Have you got colour in your cheeks?
Do you ever get that fear that you can’t shift
The type that sticks around like something in your teeth?
Are there some aces up your sleeve?
Have you no idea that you’re in deep?
I dreamt about you nearly every night this week
How many secrets can you keep?
‘Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat
Until I fall asleep
Spilling drinks on my settee

To end this post, I just want to say one thing I always say when talking Arctic Monkeys : “You can take Alex out of Sheffield, but you can’t take Sheffield out of Alex!”




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