Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2


Final installment of the adaptations of the Hunger Games books. 3 books 4 films – this seems to be a trend in  adaptation world, prolonging the last book into 2 films (and then we are not speaking of making 3 films from a thin-ish youth book – The Hobbit?!).

Since I have read the books a few years back it’s not like there will be humongous spoilers for me, it’s just to see how they have gone about bringing the book to screen. I had high hopes before because the others (The Hunger Games,  Catching Fire, Mockingjay pt1) have been done wonderfully and my hope was to have a similar story quality here.

The film did not disappoint, all the hard parts of the book were in there. Sometimes we jumped up because we didn’t expect some things (especially since it now has been a few years since I finished the books and didn’t remember some small parts – like Finnick dying, although not a small death, I had blocked this out, it’s not like remembering Hedwig’s death in Harry Potter).

The film has a cold opening with a direct consequence of what happened in the last installment, after the attack of Peeta on Katniss.  The love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale gets another installment.  But still best thing is that they did stay very close to the book as they have done in the last films. The feeling of the books drips of the screen and the tension builds everywhere and when someone who hasn’t read the book gets to the part toward the end where the people in front of Snow’s mansion get bombed, it get’s hard because of Prim.

The sort of sweet ending, a few years later, made my heart bleed, my eyes tear once again like they did for the book. This is the end of an era, the end of a series, farewell good friend!


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