Doctor Who Season 9 finale

Watching the roller coaster of a season that was the 9th season of Doctor Who. Really I do mean rollercoaster, there were ups and downs,  there was the departure of a companion,  we got to know Ashildr and her alter ego Lady Me. And just generally the writing got better, the Toby Whithouse episode in which a deaf signing actress was kinda the star. We saw the return of Missy,  that Michelle Gomez was cast as her can’t be denied as being one of the best casting choices ever! Ingrid Oliver as double and maybe even triple Osgood – the one character all Whovians see themselves being.

Around episode 9, the Mark Gatiss episode, I went to Doctor Who Festival in London. This was one of the best days for my little Whovian heart, from seeing the set of the Davros episode to meeting the cast (Michelle Gomez, Jenna Coleman, Ingrid Oliver, Mark Gatiss, Nick Briggs & Danny Hargreaves) and going to the panels with the writers, cast and monster making team – so interesting and so much fun.  Sometimes I forget how funny Stephen Moffat is, but I was folded double laughing when he was in a panel.

BeFunky Collage

So up to the episode Hell Bent, the final one of season 9 (not counting the Christmas episode, that will happen in a few weeks time).

Don’t read further if you haven’t seen the episode!

BeFunky Collage

After a roller coaster of a season, the season ended in a roller coaster episode. We get to see a barn and only at this time it all clicks together as that this the barn we saw in “Listen”, where the doctor was a small boy, and in the 50th. There is a diner and during the episode we get to know this as a second Tardis. I’m now wondering in what capacity this diner/Tardis was the actual diner in “the impossible astronaut” because it’s an exact replica. The monastery underneath the Gallifreyan city was kinda menacing, but the monsters are far away or can’t do a thing. I thought it was a good episode, a lot of things clicked together. I loved the fact that at the end you saw our familiar blue police box Tardis fly through space, with the diner-Tardis in the same frame. It seems that the chameleon circuit of a Tardis a very hard thing to master!

When Steven Moffat said before the episode that it would be devastating, he was not lying. We revisit the death of Clara, I finally made peace with her death. The doctor saves Clara, between two heartbeats, and she gets to stay alive – alive is a bit strange to say since she exists between the heartbeats.  Yeah, why did the writers do this, first break our hearts and then bring her back. We pass through the monastery and the doctor escapes and picks up a new Tardis(complete with retro design – so first doctor), saves Clara in the monastery and tries to get her heart to beat again by flying to the end of time. Her heart doesn’t start to beat again. At the end of time, we encounter the Lady Me. The doctor having one more trick up his sleeve tries to erase Clara’s memory, but she has been listening in to his conversation with Me and she reversed the polarity on the memory erasing device. Wondering now how the doctor was able to erase Donna’s memory by touching her temples and don’t do the same thing with Clara? They touch the device at the same time, they are in this together, one of the memories of the other person will be erased. It’s the doctor’s memory and then the Clara look-a-like in the diner makes sense, it’s not an echo of Clara but Clara herself.

After the diner/Tardis disappears, the doctors find his own Tardis, still with the Rigsy art on it. In the Tardis we find his chalkboard with the quote “Run you clever boy and be a doctor”, his velvety coat is there waiting for him and a new sonic screwdriver jumps out of the Tardis control panel and the doctor catches it. And then he closes the door of the Tardis with just a snap of his fingers, haven’t seen him do that in so long.

When the doctor leaves with the Tardis the paint disintegrates from the Tardis and the clean Tardis departs. Little question I’ve got now, how can the Tardis come to Nevada from the UK with the paint and after this debacle it is removed. Is it because the Tardis doesn’t want to make him think of her every time he sees his Tardis?  Is it a coping mechanism?

At the end of the episode I was blubbering away, it was devastating as was foretold, but still I wouldn’t give up an episode, I love this show way too much to miss one!

It’s only 3 weeks waiting for the next episode, the Christmas special and then we get to see River Song again.


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