Brainfreeze Coffee & Comics

Last Saturday, the Brainfreeze Coffee & Comics store opened in Sint-Niklaas. What kind of a geek would I be if I didn’t stop by to check it out.

So when I arrived there was a queue just to get something to drink, but hey wouldn’t there be, they were serving hot drinks that were just off the regular path – hot cocoa with smarties & marshmellows – yummy.

The stock that was in was very nice, a lot of the big names of comics were represented – Marvel, DC – I even saw a copy of the complete season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as I will always be a scooby I loved seeing that). Besides comics there was also manga, boardgames and funkos that filled the shelves. I didn’t buy anything but that wasn’t because of what was there but more since I already own a lot of the things that were on display (or those that I collect anyway)

Now honestly I had expected something more café like with some tables and chairs for people to sit, but seating-wise there were only a few couches. Maybe this was only for the opening because a lot of people were expected to show up. We will have to see if we go again.

One of my favorite things in their interior was the big Marvel wall – a mural of different Marvel characters – if I could have one, and knew were to put it in my room – I would get it in a heartbeat.

If you want to follow Brainfreeze Coffee and Comics, please check out their facebook page:



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