Technopolis Mechelen & Doctor Who

Saturday 21st November 2015


I went to Technopolis with my friends from Belgian Whovians United. We had a lot of fun and as the motto went: Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional. Some crazy technology fun was to be had and we made the best of it!


Sunday 22nd November 2015

Then on Sunday I finally got to catch up on the latest episode of Doctor Who. This was the last episode of Jenna Coleman,who plays Clara. Whenever a companion leaves I can’t help but shed a tear and this time it wasn’t any different. They couldn’t have given her a better goodbye, although the character died, they had been building up her getting more and more reckless over the episodes. She thinks the Doctor would always be there to save her and started living her life like the Doctor lives his. She will be missed and after 3 different incarnations of the character on screen it will be strange to not see her in the show.

Since her last shooting day on Doctor Who, she has been taping a new mini-series “Victoria” about the life of Queen Victoria – Jenna in the title role. Looking forward to see her in this


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