Spider-man: Homecoming

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I was a little skeptic before seeing this film. We’ve had so many Spider-man films in the last years that when they announced a new one and once again another actor playing Peter Parker that I thought “Oh, no not again”. But being the Marvel fan that I am, I did go and see it. Just give them the benefit of the doubt, it might even be good
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Wonder Woman

BeFunky CollageI had no idea what to expect from the standalone Wonder Woman film. From watching the trailer I did know that it was going to be in the past since the images from WW II that can’t be denied. I did see Batman vs. Superman and had seen the character there but knowing that there was a female director and it would be an origin story is still far from the story itself.

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Pukkelpop 2017: Day Three


Last day, still a few things to check out. Without further ado, let’s start this day

Jake bugg

Ever since Jake brought out ‘Lightning bolt’ I’ve heard songs of his passing along on the radio. Because I haven’t done any of the big festivals I haven’t had the possibility to see him yet. That changed today! At the early-ish time of ten to four his set started and the vibe he brings waved over the field. He brought some songs accoustic (I think in preperation of his accoustic tour). Very weird to see him all alone on that big main stage. All in all very entertaining and making me want to dig in deeper into his repertoire again.

The pretty reckless

After having heard so many mixed comments about this bands live performanced, I wanted to see it for myself. And I am going to join the negative camp here. For me her voice is not strong enough to overmaster the guitars. Also for such a pretty girl to run around with her hair in her face all the time, where is your podium face. Besides that, the songs sounded worst than on cd. How is that even possible? How much remastering  happened? Conclusing: good on cd, live a bit crap!

First Aid Kit

A day of discovery, and yes I admit I have once listened to this band for a few songs. I now know that a few songs is about as long as I can listen to this band before thinking all the songs are the same.  I don’t mind their music, I even like it when it pops up in between other tracks but a whole show, not my thing or just me not knowing enough of their music for me to keep listening to a whole set.

Bear’s den

I have heard as a desciption of this band: campfire rock. I have heard them on the radio before but now was wondering if a concert where I know no songs(to sing along to) would keep my entertained.  And they did keep me entertained from start to end. This is the second artist this weekend that I will need to check out more later on.

Mumford and Sons

Then, the for me headliner of the festival, started. It’s the last band I have seen for pukkelpop 2017. I have loved thir first two albums and with the more rock vibe that they had swung to, well I wasn’t so sure about it. But sometimes it takes a live show to start appreciating a new turn a band has taken. I loved the show and since they played a lot of songs from those first two albums I even could sing along. It keeps amazing me how many instruments thise guys can play and how often they switch. It was a great set showcasing really their hits and some new songs.  I am going to check out that third album now and wait on new work that is on the way…

This is the end of pukkelpop for yet another year. We’ll see what the line up will be next year and decide to attend depending on that.

Pukkelpop 2017: Day Two


Another day, another bunch of artists to see. Today I have four performances planned, so let’s get this day started.

George Ezra

I started listening to his songs when Budapest was releases. I’m not always in the mood for them but a live performance is always a bit different. I really loved his show. He dedicated the song Barcelona to the people that were hurt yesterday in that city, which I thibk was very considerate of him. The rest of the show was filled with newer and already known songs. My whole feel was this is a cheeky Brit with catchy tunes. I liked it a lot.


To be honest, I know like one song of her from the huntsman soundtrack and if you count collaborations, I also know the Chainsmokers track. Also I started moving in, closer to the middle gate area before her performance since I wanted a goid spot for Bastille. So going from those things, I can say I found her set very entertaining and am even going.to say that I willl check out more on spotify. 

London Grammar

So as I mentioned above, I was standing at the middle gate, in the middle of the crowd already. I have loved their music ever since I heard strong, but as I had never seen them.live I was wondering if their music had the same power on the main stage at a festival. I can now sat that it does. Hannah has the voice of an angel that goes through you.  I know I will need to check more of their songs now but I sang along to all the ones I know (or tried to I can’t hit those high notes)


This is the band I really wanted to see today. After having seen them live in February, I now wanted to see them from way up close, where you can really feel the audience. My little spot was perfect. This time around I could sing along with all the songs and dance/jump/move (as much you can if the audience is quite packed).  This time Dan only once ventured into the crowd (between the gates) and big sap that I am touched his hand.  I always rediscover the vocal range of Dan, really high or low, he can do it all. For those not paying attention to the stage though, you missed out on the spectacular moves of the sax player. 

One more day to go, but now some rest to start the last day with an awake mind

Pukkelpop 2017: Day One

This is my second and last big festival of the summer, from now on the bands will start announcing their autumn tours and I will start looking for concerts to see during the rest of the year. I don’t have an overfull planning for pukkelpop but this festival has always been more chill than Rock Werchter for me.

So on to the bands/artists…


Recently I have been getting into grime and I decided to check this out. Although the beats are typical for the genre, I felt it a bit monotone. This is what festivals are for… making sure things you think you like can keep you entertained for an hour. This didn’t.


As stated on the lineup of the festival, they brought their first record ‘Turn on the bright lights’ integrally. This is not the album that I know that would be ‘Antics’ (the second album). So I could’t realy sing along with any of the songs, except one…they did one song from the album I know, Evil. But not being able to sing along was not so bad since the show was suite entertaining. Side nite, I don’t know if this is usual for the band but their wasn’t a lot of interaction with the audience. It might just have been since they needed to fit the album in their allotted slot.


When Editors started, way back in 2005, I loved their music and could sibg along to each if the songs of the first two albums. I went to quite a few of their shows back then too.  Somewhere around the third album, I had a feeling that the music they were making wasn’t really my thing anymore but that didn’t stop me from checking out the third and fourth album. Neither of those albums made me rush back to see them live. I took the opportunity now at the festival to see them perform again. I am happy that they did a lot of the older songs and have to admit that I hadn’t heard any of the songs of the last album and now I will have to check that one out since they had some songs that are very good in the set. It was a fun set with fireworks, pyro and confetti. Now I might think of going to one of their shows again (concerthall).

Rock Werchter 2017 Day Four


Last day, these four days flew by so fast… on the other hand my legs will be happy to rest tomorrow. Since I’ve been going back and forth each day and the busstop is about two kilometers from the festival terrain,I have been walking loads and that’s not counting going from one stage to the next.

But then the important part, the bands

The Lumineers

I have sporadically listened to songs on their first album but can hardly say I know more than a few songs. I did wanted to see them but more because of the vibe of their folky music than the songs. And I did love the feel that folk music brings when the sun is out. I wanted to dance but I can’t dance so I just hopped around


I’ve hears songs of this band on and off while listening to bbc radio one. So I knew the type of music they make and even that I like some of their songs. Now to be honest, I do love the vibe and the feel of their songs but I think in the long run I don’t know enough of their songs to really get into it. It took a long time before they started playing songs that I knew… those I did enjoy a lot… I don’t think I would go to a show of theirs if it wasn’t at a festival in the future…I know way too little of their song.

Foo Fighters

The final band of the whole festival. Could you think of any other band to headline a festival like this? After having to cancel two years ago, due to Dave Grohl braking his foot, they now came back and played like crazy. I will never say that I’m the biggest Foo Fighter fan but I do know quite some of their songs. Most of the songs they played were very familiar too me, which means to me that they were most likely doing their hits with maybe here and there a new songs hidden away.¬† I kind of have grown up with Foo Fighters somewhere in the background. They have been around for twenty-two years and that really means since I was about twelve. There is a lot of nostalgia when they play older songs like “My Hero” or even “Learn to Fly” and “Monkeywrench” (on the guitar Dave received from Studio Brussel which was signed by the fans). They really breathe pure rock, even though that sometimes makes the songs last triple as long as they should because they are doing solo’s and intermezzos in them. It’s still great fun to see them. I have to be honest I didn’t stay till the very end. When leaving the festival grounds I still heard what they were playing for a while so I think in total I missed fifteen minutes of their performance.